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We are so happy to see you are considering to adopt a new animal into your home! Most if not all of our animals came to us as their only chance at a second chance of life. We have provided them love, vetting, and basic training to prepare them for their forever homes. 

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Adoption Requirements

To adopt from House of Misfits Rescue you will need to complete an adoption application. This adoption application will include the following:

  • Personal Information

  • Existing Pet Information

  • Personal Reference

  • Vet Reference

  • Home Check by video (or in person if requested)

  • Questionnaire

Please note to adopt from House of Misfits Rescue you will be required to come to the suburbs of Chicago to complete a meet and greet with the animal and to finalize the adoption. All family members living in the house must be present. If adopting a dog and the potential adopter has a resident dog(s), the resident dog(s) are required to have a meet and greet with the animal as well.


Due to the above requirements, House of Misfits Rescue focuses on local adoptions, but does not exclude out of state applicants if the above can be met. House of Misfits will not reimburse any potential adopter for travel costs. Additionally House of Misfits Rescue makes no guarantee that a meet and greet will result in an adoption. House of Misfits Rescue reserves all right to deny an applicant at any time.

After the Adoption

Please note that our animals are adopted "as is." Although we do our best to treat and diagnose any condition that might impact our animals, we cannot guarantee that we are aware of everything. Adopters will be provided with medical history of the adopted animal and will be made aware of any known condition prior to adoption. 

Decompression and integration are the two most important things you can do for any adopted animal to aid in a smooth transition. House of Misfits Rescue strongly recommends a two week decompression and slow integration process on your adopted animal. Please initially keep your animal separate from your existing animals and any children in the house for several days. This will allow them to adjust to the new sounds and smells of your house. Then slowly work on integrating them into the house for small periods of time, always monitored by an adult. This graduation integration process will significantly aid in a successful adoption. 

Updates are always requested and a part of the follow up process. House of Misfits Rescue, especially the fosters, love seeing the former fosters living their best lives in their forever home! Please also consider joining our alum Facebook page to keep in contact with other adopters. 

If at any point you have any questions or concerns with your adopted animal, please contact us. We will do what we can to aid in this transition. If for whatever reason the adoption does not work out immediately or in the future, we do require the adopter to contact us for first right of refusal.  

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