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Donate to the rescue 

We receive word of so many homeless and abandoned animals who need our help - could you help us?

Very often we receive the request to help another animal in need. Unfortunately, we are limited to the number we can help based on the donations, both monetary and additional items. Each animal costs anywhere from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousands of dollars depending on the case to vet them. This does not take into account the food, treats, crates, and additional supplies needed to care for them during their stay at the House of Misfits Rescue. 

We are a foster based rescue, which means we have no shelter. We are also 100% volunteer ran. This means that every single penny, every single item goes towards our animals. In the case we cannot use a donated item, we always pay it forward to another shelter or rescue that is in need. So rest assured that your money and items will make the most impact on animal lives as possible!

To learn more on how to donate monetarily, click here

To learn more on how to donate items, click here

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