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Sponsor an Animal 

Welcome to an essential way to help the animals of HoM! Our monthly sponsorship program allows you to virtually "adopt" one of our animals and help support them through a monetary donation that can either be deducted automatically through Paypal or you can donate manually through a check or venmo. There are several monetary options available, you can choose whichever fits your budget!

While our animals are here with HoM, some are up for adoption, while some are going through behavioral or medical issues which can extend their time with us. These issues can be due to mental abuse, neglect, lack of socialization, or pending medical conditions. In either case, our HoM babies need a virtual friend. 

For a monthly donation, on your initial introduction packet (for those who provide an email address), you will receive a photo of your sponsored animal. 

Our sponsorship program can also make a great gift for those that can't actually adopt a "real" animal but instead can have a "virtual" pet. You can also send specific gifts for your sponsored animal. They love receiving presents!

** PayPal does not always allow you to add notes to subscriptions, so please send us a message at or on Facebook to let us know who you would like to sponsor! **

* Please note that any funds that are received in excess of the animal's care will be used towards other animals in care.



For $10, $15 or $20 a month, you help provide treats or toys to your sponsored animal. 

Benefits of Kitten level include: 

  • Monthly exclusive pictures of animals in care

  • HoM newsletter



For $25, $30 or $40 a month, you help provide food to your sponsored animal.

Benefits of Queen level include:

  • Monthly exclusive pictures of animals in care

  • HoM newsletter

  • HoM bracelet*

  • HoM coffee mug or water bottle*

* Ships after 4 months of consecutive donations.



For $50+ a month, you help provide bloodwork, training, or any other major maintenance. 

Benefits of Tom level include:

  • Exclusive pictures of animals in care

  • HoM newsletter

  • HoM bracelet*

  • HoM coffee mug or waterbottle*

  • Special edition HoM shirt*

  • 2 tickets to an HoM event (once we can have events again)**

* Ships after 4 months of consecutive donations.

** Notification of eligibility after 9 months of consecutive donations.

Animals Available to Sponsor

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